The Prostatype® Test System – a new gene test for prostate cancer patients


The Pathologist

  • Balances the subjectivity of Gleason Score
  • Enhances PAD information

The Urologist

  • Decision support in the choice of treatment
  • Can defer repeated biopsies
  • Reduces the risk of over/under treatment
  • Provides discussion basis for multidisciplinary conferences and patient conversations

The Patient

  • Objective second opinion
  • Involved in treatment choice

In current clinical practice, risk scoring systems such as D’Amico are commonly used when making a treatment decision for prostate cancer patients. However, selecting the treatment based on parameters such as Gleason Score is heavily dependent on visual assessment and human interpretation and is often challenging, particularly for patients in the intermediate risk zone.

By combining clinical parameters and gene expression data, the Prostatype® Test System improves overall survival prediction by 14% in relative terms compared to current clinical standards. For patients in the intermediate risk group, PrTS improves the overall survival prediction by about 36% in relative terms compared to current clinical standards. Thereby, PrTS provides improved guidance regarding overall survival and treatment selection for newly diagnosed patients.