Nomination committee

In accordance with the instructions resolved by the 2023 Annual General Meeting , the Company shall have a nomination committee consisting of three members, appointed by each of the three shareholders representing the shareholder with the largest number of votes or ownership group, together with the chairman of the board. The nomination committee shall be constituted based on shareholder statistics from Euroclear Sweden AB on 30 September each year and other reliable ownership information provided to the Company at the time and the board’s chairman who will also convene the first meeting of the nomination committee.

The nomination committee shall prepare the following proposals submit to resolution on the annual general meeting:

  1. proposal for chairman of the general meeting,
  2. proposal for number of board members,
  3. proposal for board remuneration divided between the chairman and other board member as well as remuneration for committee work,
  4. proposal for remuneration for the company’s auditors,
  5. proposal for board members and chairman of the board,
  6. proposal for auditors
  7. to the extent deemed necessary, proposal for changes in the current instruction for the nomination committee.

The nomination committee shall submit their proposals in connection with the notice to the annual general meeting.

Prior to the Company’s Annual General Meeting 2024, the following persons were elected to the Nomination Committee:

The Nomination Committee shall in connection with its duties meet the requirements according to the Swedish Companies Act.