Non-regulatory press release

Prostate type Genomics in collaboration with Capio Solna Urology                               -The first patient has already benefitted from Prostatype®

Prostatype Genomics begins collaboration with the Capio Urology Specialist Center in Solna with immediate effect. This collaboration means that patients and doctors can have access to the Prostatype® genetic test and a better basis for decision-making when choosing treatment for prostate cancer.

Dag Sandblom, head of Capio's Urology Clinic in Solna says; “We are always looking for new, innovative, ways to offer our patients the best possible care. Prostate cancer is one of our most common cancers, and it can be difficult to assess which treatment is right for the individual patient. Here, Prostatype® can help the patient with an in-depth decision basis and, in the long run, a better decision.”

Prostatype® is a genetic test that provides a measure, P-Score, regarding how aggressive or non-aggressive the individual patient's prostate cancer is. The result of the test is easy to understand and provides a more precise and completely individualized basis when doctors and patients discuss treatment options.

Prostatype Genomics CEO Fredrik Persson comments: “Capio is a leading healthcare provider, especially regarding finding and implementing modern solutions and treatments that increase patient benefit, therefore it is extremely gratifying that the Urology Clinic Capio Specialist Center in Solna has seen the potential in Prostatype®. This collaboration will give patients with prostate cancer better conditions to make a treatment decision that is right for them”.

The patient pays for the test himself after an information visit to Capio Solna Urologi.

After the test, there will be another visit or telephone contact where the test result is discussed, and further measures are proposed. Patients who are not affiliated with the urologists in Solna are also welcome to contact Prostatype Genomics directly.

Mats Hedlund, Urologist at Capio's Urology Clinic in Solna says; "Among other things, for patients who are on the border between radical treatment and monitoring and demand a 'second opinion', my experience is that Prostatype® is a valuable decision support, and I am glad that we can offer the test. We just used Prostatype® for the first time in this collaboration, and the patient received full support to continue with the treatment he wanted.”