Regulatory press release

Prostatype Genomics continues to strengthen the commercial organization

Prostatype Genomics continues to strengthen the European sales organization and has hired Albin Bremer as sales manager responsible for the Nordic market.

"During the past year, we have taken steps to build up our commercial organization in selected markets in Europe. I am happy to have Albin on board as his broad and deep network of contacts in Nordic urology is important to us. Combined with Albin's commercial competence, we have already noted concrete progress, which I am happy to state. From an international perspective, the home market is also always important to refer to and therefore the recruitment of Albin Bremer is particularly significant," says Fredrik Persson, CEO of Prostatype Genomics.

Albin has over 20 years of experience from both sales and sales manager roles in several leading pharmaceutical companies such as Abbott and ALK-Abelló. Most recently, Albin comes from Ipsen where he was involved in starting up and developing the company's oncology division with a strong commercial focus. With many years of experience in prostate cancer, Albin has a great understanding of how the disease affects patients and the challenges healthcare faces when it comes to better prognosticating patients with established prostate cancer.

"Continuing to work together with my contacts in urology and also getting to work with a product like Prostatype® is very motivating. Prostatype® fills a large and obvious clinical need both in Sweden and internationally as prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men in many countries. Being able to actively contribute to and represent a modern biomarker, which results in a better and more relevant prognosis in relation to how patients are prognosticated today, is important and much needed for patients, doctors and healthcare. I am of course aware of the obvious clinical need Prostatype® helps to fill and have already had it confirmed by many of my contacts. We have seen a great interest in evaluating Prostatype in a first step so that customers can get an idea of ​​how the product is best used. I look forward to discussing the results and the added value of Prostatype® with my customers shortly," concludes Albin Bremen.

"It has been of the utmost importance to find a driven person with great experience, knowledge and a network of contacts in the field of prostate cancer therapy. We found all of this in Albin, and with his focus, energy and cultivated relationships in healthcare, we have already seen an exciting development in the interest of decision-makers," concludes Fredrik Persson.

Prostatype Genomics focuses on, in a first step, establishing Prostatype® in selected markets within EMEA and in the USA. We currently have operations in Sweden, Germany, Italy, UK and Spain. In Spain, the company has so far worked together with an external partner. As the interest among leading urologists is great, with a number of commercial projects on the horizon, we can state that Prostatype Genomics needs to strengthen its presence in Spain with its own staff in order to be able to handle the various ongoing processes faster and even more efficiently. We are in the middle of the recruitment process for this purpose with the hope of being able to introduce our new colleague shortly.