Non-regulatory press release

New multi-centre study in Spain shows very strong interim results for Prostatype®

Prostatype Genomics is currently conducting a study of 160 patients together with seven leading Spanish hospitals and the Spanish National Association of Urology. The initial results are very strong and show that approximately 60% of patients would have been reclassified if Prostatype® had been used for prognosis and treatment decisions after diagnosis.

In a new retrospective multicentre study with Prostatype® in Spain including 160 patients from a total of seven hospitals, coordinated by the Spanish National Association of Urology, an interim analysis has been performed after three hospitals completed the results. The interim analysis shows that there is again strong evidence that Prostatype® provides important additional information that can change the treatment plan or actual treatment for prostate cancer patients initially classified as low or intermediate risk.

The initial analysis indicates that the treatment plan can be changed in approximately as many as 60% of the cases if Prostatype® had been used after the established diagnosis. The study further indicates that Prostatype® can predict progression, i.e., the test can predict who needs curative treatment immediately upon diagnosis and who are not suitable for active monitoring.

The interim analysis also shows that Prostatype® confirms the cases in which it may be appropriate to postpone curative treatment for some men with low-risk prostate cancer. In conclusion, the analysis shows that the patients who develop metastases and die due to prostate cancer are classified as high risk with Prostatype® at the time of diagnosis.

CEO Fredrik Persson comments: "The multicentre study we are conducting together with 7 of the most important Spanish hospitals in the country confirms what previously externally conducted studies have already shown and further reinforces what a powerful prognostic tool Prostatype® is. Routine clinical implementation of Prostatype® provides great clinical benefit and benefit to patients, healthcare and those who ultimately pay for the care. We have chosen to conduct this study in Spain as we early identified the Spanish market as a priority pilot market. We have a strong partner locally in the form of Eurofins Megalab, and this study will be an important component for our continued sales in Spain. Prostatype® has shown very good performance in previous studies, but the interim results we have seen so far exceed even our own expectations – the interim results are the strongest we have ever seen. We will present the final data in Q1 2024 with the aim of presenting the results at the Spanish Urology Society's annual meeting in Santander in May next year."