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Prostatype Genomics announces strong results for Prostatype® in first step validation study of Asian population

Prostatype Genomics AB (”Prostatype  Genomics” or ”The Company”) is releasing  data from the first step of the previously communicated and ongoing validation study in Taiwan.

In line with the Company’s overall strategy and communicated milestones, Prostatype Genomics is further expanding its clinical validation study programme and publishes data from the first step of the validation study in Taiwan in cooperation with Professor Jacob See-Tong Pang at the renowned Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Linkou, Taoyuan.

Fredrik Persson, Company CEO, comments:

“We are excited to have completed the first step of the validation study in Taiwan. Prostatype® once again shows its robustness in an external validation study, this time in an Asian population. This study is one of a very limited number of similar studies performed in Asia. It will contribute to fill the gap in the knowledge about the utility of prognostic genetic biomarkers in prostate cancer patients in the Asia-Pacific region and will enable Prostatype Genomics to enter new markets with a highly interesting potential for the Company.

The data collected this far includes 28 patients with an average follow up time of approximately 5 years from diagnosis and shows results in line with what we have seen in external validation studies performed in Europe, meaning that approximately 1/3 of the patients are reclassified by using the Prostatype® technology. The main effect, like in previous external validations with Prostatype®, suggests that patients are downgraded in terms of risk for dying from prostate cancer by using Prostatype®. This means that Prostatype® is strengthening its position as a powerful genetic biomarker that supports health care systems, patients, and doctors to take more accurate, individualized, and precise decisions of what treatment is best suited for the patient. The Asian market is significant in terms of size and value, and important as Prostatype Genomics aims to support the health care systems, patients and urologists globally. We are very much looking forward to step 2 of the validation study with additional patients enrolled during 2021.”

 Professor Jacob See-Tong Pang, Department of Urology and Vice Superintendendent at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Linkou, Taoyuan, Taiwan, comments on the data obtained this far:

“The first step of the pilot study at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital has successfully been completed. The incidence of prostate cancer is rising in Taiwan like in many other parts of the world. There are several explanations for this increase. Taking this fact into consideration, the demand for improved prognostic tools, as well as precise treatment for prostate cancer patients, is evident. The initial results from our pilot study, that are to be further explored and analyzed, implies clinical utility in the Asian population. The results indicate that about 1/3 of the patients are reclassified by Prostatype® with the majority of patients being downgraded in terms of risk for dying of prostate cancer, similar to what has been shown in European validation studies for Prostatype®. We will now analyze the data further and expand the number of patients for the second step of the study.”

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