Non-regulatory press release

Prostatype Genomics AB enters agreement with Life Genomics AB

Prostatype Genomics and Life Genomics start a non-exclusive collaboration meaning Life Genomics will handle all steps in the laboratory process required to analyse Prostatype®, Prostatype Genomics' gene test to assess the aggressiveness of prostate cancer. The collaboration means that Prostatype Genomics can further focus on marketing the test to patients and doctors and secures resources to be able to handle the increased demand for Prostatype® from patients and healthcare. The agreement applies to all Nordic countries and comes into force immediately.

The collaboration means that Life Genomics will manage the entire process from receiving referrals from healthcare providers to performing and reporting the results of the gene analysis in accordance with Prostatype Genomics' quality assurance processes.

Prostatype Genomics CEO Fredrik Person comments on the collaboration: "The agreement with Life Genomics is another important step in our continued commercialization of the gene test Prostatype®. Our strategy has been clear from the very beginning, where the company determined that the laboratory handling of the test should be handled by an external partner. This applies to all markets in which we operate. We will soon present further collaborations on the laboratory side for other geographic markets. The reason is that the Prostatype Genomics organization should be able to focus entirely on marketing Prostatype® in our priority markets. We have been very careful in our selection process to find a suitable partner for the Nordic market, and I am happy that Life Genomics will be an important piece of the puzzle on the company's further journey. Life Genomics is a leading laboratory that possesses the skills and capabilities that are necessary and will be an important addition to the work of driving the use of Prostatype forward.

Göran Jacobsson, CEO of Life Genomics comments on the collaboration: "We are very happy and proud to begin the collaboration with Prostatype Genomics. Prostatype® is exactly the type of test we at Life Genomics want to be able to offer our customers; innovative and with a clear patient benefit where the clinical need is extensive. The collaboration means that we can offer a large number of patients and doctors valuable decision support in an often difficult to assess situation in a market segment that continues to increase year by year”.

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