Non-regulatory press release

Prostatype Genomics strengthens customer offer and logistics with switch to new contract manufacturer Minerva Biolabs

Prostatype® will be offered as a dry powder solution

Prostatype Genomics has entered into a multiyear agreement with the German company Minerva Biolabs GmbH (“Minerva”) for manufacturing of the Company´s prognostic biomarker Prostatype® RT-qPCR kit. Minerva was established in 1999 and is a spin off from the well renowned Robert-Koch Institute in Berlin. 

Prostatype Genomic’s CEO Fredrik Persson comments: “We are extremely happy to have agreed with Minerva Biolabs for manufacturing of Prostatype® over the years to come, which is an important step in the continued development of Prostatype Genomics. From a strategic point of view, we have opted to go with a partner that offers us the possibility to manufacture Prostatype as a dry powder solution compared to providing the product in liquid format as is the case today. As Minerva also is present in the US-market, there are other obvious synergies from our point of view strengthening our offer also for this important market.

There are direct positive effects from providing Prostatype® in a dry powder format, both for our customers and for Prostatype Genomics. Since the product no longer needs to be shipped on dry ice or stored in a freezer, the individual laboratories running Prostatype® will benefit from easier handling and reduced cost. Prostatype Genomics and our distributors will gain from more efficient logistics and lower costs.

It has been a most rewarding experience to work with the staff at Minerva during this process and we are very much looking forward to a long-term partnership with one of the leading manufacturers of products similar to Prostatype®, well familiar with the complexity of manufacturing RNA/DNA amplification kits. At the same time, I would like to thank our previous contract manufacturer Epigenomics AG who has been vital to the development of Prostatype® as a product.

Minerva’s Managing Director and Founder, Dirk Vollenbroich (PhD) comments: 

“Prostatype Genomics is an extraordinary company, with an amazing product and team. We, at Minerva are delighted about this assignment. By contributing our experience in IVD contract manufacturing we will support the successful growth of Prostatype Genomics and the market share of its product energetically and with vigor.”

For more information about Minerva, please visit their webpage