Non-regulatory press release

Commercial breakthrough for Prostatype Genomics in Switzerland

Prostatype Genomics has received the first order of Prostatype® in Switzerland from one of the country's major university hospitals. It is a breakthrough for the company, where the focus now is on ensuring routine use through continued close collaboration with the customer and expanding the use of Prostatype® to additional leading hospitals in the country. The revenue will be booked in Q4 2023.

Prostatype Genomics has received the first order for the company's product Prostatype® in Switzerland, one of the company's priority target markets. Prostatype® is a genetic test for assessing the aggressiveness of prostate cancer, which is of great importance in the often difficult situation patients and healthcare find themselves in when assessing whether a patient should undergo radical treatment or not. The customer is one of the country's larger university hospitals with previous experience with prognostic biomarkers for use in diagnosed prostate cancer.

CEO Fredrik Persson comments: "We are, of course, very happy that we have succeeded in achieving the important milestone of the first order of Prostatype® from Switzerland. Switzerland has one of Europe's best developed and modern healthcare systems as well as a well developed insurance system, both public and private. Switzerland is an important country for Prostatype Genomics not only in terms of sales, but also as a reference country in our continued work to broaden the use of Prostatype® in the European market. Switzerland is a market where the clinical use of prognostic biomarkers already is established, and the country is well ahead in the clinical application of genetic testing. We are now entering the next phase of the commercialisation in Switzerland, which means continuing to lay the foundations for a long-term commercial and scientific collaboration with our customer and continuing to expand the use of Prostatype® to other hospitals as well.”