Regulatory press release

Emelie Berglund new Chief Technology Officer at Prostatype Genomics

After building up the company's commercial organization, Prostatype Genomics is now also strengthening the scientific activities by hiring Emelie Berglund as the new Chief Technology Officer/Medical Affairs.

On November 8, Emelie will take over the important role of CTO of Prostatype Genomics from Lidi Xu, who has held the position since 2019. Lidi is leaving the company to move back to China with her family but will continue to work on various projects for Prostatype Genomics.

Emelie Berglund has a PhD in Biotechnology from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and more than seven years of combined research experience within prostate cancer. After her degree, Emelie has led the R&D operations of a Swedish life science company that develops products in cancer detection and biomarker analysis.

Emelie's main tasks will be to strengthen the scientific footprint of Prostatype Genomics by initiating, running, and coordinating validation studies around the world, ensuring that the results are published in the right channels and working with product development of the Prostatype® Test System, the company's product for prognosticating the aggressiveness of a prostate cancer. Emelie's focus areas are in line with previously communicated objectives from Prostatype Genomics.

"In recent months, Prostatype Genomics has focused on strengthening the commercial part of the company in all of our priority markets. By bringing Emelie into the company while Lidi will continue to work with us, we retain the generated scientific knowledge within the company, while at the same time bringing in new skills and perspectives in many areas.

Emelie has impressed us enormously with her genuine patient focus, while at the same time she has a solid research background and experience working in prostate cancer. That combination will mean a lot for the company's continued development.” says Fredrik Persson, CEO of Prostatype Genomics.

"For me, having researched and worked with prostate cancer for a long time, it is of course very exciting to become part of Prostatype Genomics. I have followed the company for a longer period because the research behind the Prostatype® test is so exciting and because the clinical need for an improved decision basis for the assessment of a patient's prostate cancer is so clear, which I noted both in my research and in the companies, I previously worked for. It is inspiring and a privilege to work with a product like Prostatype, that is so scientifically advanced and already available and help patients today," says Emelie Berglund.

Emelie will also work in close collaboration with the commercial part of the company as there is great interest in Prostatype® in all priority markets. The company is currently in advanced discussions with leading urologists who have already used and evaluated Prostatype® and is on its way to a more routine use of the product. The increased use of Prostatype® has led to a significant influx of further contacts with customers, where Emelie's skills and experience will ensure that we continue to deliver a continued good service also in terms of the scientific discussions.