Prostatype - The solution

The Prostatype® Test System combines gene expression information with currently used clinical parameters (PSA, Gleason Score, and Tumor Stage) and calculates the so called P-score. The test is based on a unique database containing prostate cancer patients and provides decision support for patients and doctors when making a treatment decision.
Prostatype – Test kit, database and algorithm
Prostatype Genomics has identified three stem cell genes, IGFBP3, F3 and VGLL3 that are correlated with both overall and prostate cancer-specific survival. The test is performed on the already existing biopsies obtained at diagnosis, hence there is no need for new painful and potentially harmful sampling of the prostate. Prostatype®'s unique system identifies the genetic fingerprint of cancer by measuring information from these cancer stem cell genes. More specifically, Prostatype® quantifies RNA expression levels of these three stem cell genes in the individual patient’s tumor and thereby provides unique tumor biology that existing clinical pathological factors cannot. The gene expressions together with other clinical parameters such as PSA, Gleason and Tumor stage are entered into the Classification of Prostatic Malignancy Algorithm (CPMA) software that is linked to a unique patient data base. The software calculates the so called P-score that provides a measure of how aggressive the cancer is, which facilitates the choice of optimal treatment for the patient.
By combining PSA, Gleason, Tumor stage and the gene expression of three stem cell genes the P-score is calculated, which gives a more accurate prognosis of prostate cancer mortality
Several studies have proven that Prostatype significantly improves the accuracy in predicting mortality compared to current clinical tools. For studies see Scientific Publications under Resources.


Results C-index poster presentation EAU 2018.1  A significantly better predicition of prostate cancer mortality is obtained when the three genes IGFBP3, F3 and VGLL3 are used.