Senior management

Fredrik Persson

CEO since 2017

About: B.Sc in Business Administration and Economics, University of Lund. 30 years of international life science industry experience in leading positions with focus on operational and organizational growth.

Other assignments: 
Stradis Med Nordics AB; Chairman of the Board

Holdings in the Company: 115 715 shares, 17615 warrants T0 1 and 25000 warrants 2020/2023A

Michael af Winklerfelt

CFO and COO *since 2020

About: MBA in Finance & Strategy Concentration, Emory University, USA. M.Sc in Economics and Business Administration, Stockholm School of Economics. Wide-ranging international experience working for multinationals in US, Europe and China.
*Joining Prostatype Genomics on full time basis no later than 1st of December 2020

Other assignments: -

Holdings in the Company: 4 000 shares, 0 warrants T0 1 and 37206 warrants 2020/2023A

George Skinner

Vice President Commercial Operations since 2020

About:BSc from University of Toronto (Canada), followed by over 4 decades of international experience in the medical device and in vitro diagnostics fields in North America and Europe. Beginning with Boehringer Mannheim GmbH (now Roche Diagnostics), George’s career encompasses senior global lead management positions and successful new product launches at Byk-Sangtec GmbH (now DiaSorin), Gen-Probe Inc. (now Hologic), MDx Health, and many others, and includes launching and marketing numerous urological oncology biomarkers such as PSA, BTA stat, PCA3, and SelectMDx. George resides in Germany.

Other assignments: -

Holdings in the Company: 

Dilruba Ahmed

Quality Control Manager since 2019

About: Ph.D. in Medical Science (cancer biology), M.Sc. in infectious disease control, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. Bachelor of Pharmacy and M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Science. 10 years of experience from research and pharmaceutical product management experience

Other assignments: -

Holdings in the Company: 1836 shares, 1836 warrants T0 1 and 18603 warrants 2020/2023A