Non-regulatory press release

Strong results for Prostatype® in yet another Asian study

In a recently completed study at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taipei (Taiwan), Prostatype® once again demonstrates superiority in assessing the aggressiveness of individual patients' prostate cancer, this time in Taiwan, which has the one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world. The study has been presented at the South East Asian Urology Association conference in Dubai by Professor Jacob Pang, leader of the study.

In several previous studies, Prostatype® has demonstrated superiority in assessing the risk of an individual patient dying from prostate cancer or not, which is decisive for whether a patient should be treated or not. The study aimed to investigate whether Taiwanese prostate cancer patients can also benefit from using Prostatype® to assess aggressiveness and thus treatment choices.

The study included 148 patients and again showed a significantly superior performance of Prostatype® in predicting prostate cancer-specific mortality compared to the standard risk classification systems used in Taiwan today such as NCCN® (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) and PSA. The study shows that Prostatype® has an important role in reducing both over- and under-treatment in prostate cancer patients also in Taiwan. Work on publishing the study in a relevant scientific journal has already begun.

Important market

Taiwan is repeatedly ranked as one of the world's most advanced healthcare systems. The Taiwanese market is very interesting as, together with other countries in East Asia, they have greatly increased the use of screening methods to identify patients with prostate cancer at an earlier stage. According to new data, the largest increase in incident prostate cancer cases has been observed in East Asia with an increase of almost 480% between 1990 and 2019, which is significantly higher than the global increase of 169%.

Fredrik Persson, CEO of Prostatype Genomics says: "It is of course positive that Prostatype® shows such strong results also regarding Taiwanese patients. Taiwan is an important bridgehead for Prostatype Genomics in terms of the entire Asian market, which is in strong growth as Taiwan's healthcare system is a model for many other countries, from which we will be able to benefit.”