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Prostatype Genomics’ long-term study with Uppsala University Hospital will be presented at the AUA conference in the US in May 2024

Prostatype Genomics announces that the interim results from the long-term follow-up study with the genetic test Prostatype®, which is conducted by and in collaboration with Uppsala University Hospital, has been accepted for presentation at the annual AUA (American Urological Association) conference in the United States in May 2024. To be accepted for presentation at this leading urology conference in the world’s largest market for prostate cancer diagnostics and prediction shows that there is a substantial interest for the study and the clinical potential of Prostatype® among American scientific researchers and urologists. Another indication that American urologists understand the clinical potential of Prostatype® was received in February, when a scientific presentation by the company's CMO Gerald Andreoli was acknowledged as one of the best abstracts of the 34th Annual International Prostate Cancer Update conference in Vail, Colorado.

The interim results in the Uppsala study are based on 100 of a total of up to 500 patients in this unique long-term follow-up study, where prostate cancer patients diagnosed in 1990–2001 are followed-up during approx. 25 years, and in some cases even longer. This is the very first study with biomarkers for prognostication of diagnosed prostate cancer conducted with such a long follow-up period. The study is made possible by access to patient registers and a very well-preserved biobank, where even old tissue samples are possible to use and analyse again.

“It will be exciting to present the promising interim results from the study at the AUA conference in the United States in May, and to discuss with other researchers and urologists from all over the world. We then look forward to completing the whole study, including publication of a scientific article, before the end of this year. This study has potential to further strengthen the clinical evidence for Prostatype®, and to support a possible broadening to additional usage areas, says Pontus Röbeck, clinical urologist and scientific researcher at Uppsala University Hospital.

“The great interest in Prostatype® among leading American urologists that we notice at scientific conferences is promising, as we are now working intensively on signing collaboration agreements ahead of our upcoming US launch in 2024,” says Prostatype Genomics CEO Fredrik Persson.

Pontus Röbeck will present the interim results from the study at the AUA conference. Mikael Häggman, Associate Professor at Uppsala University Hospital and also a member of the study’s scientific research group, will also participate at the conference and represent Prostatype Genomics in talks with scientific researchers, urologists and other interested parties in his role as board member of the company.

As the AUA conference only accepts research data that has not been previously presented, the scientific research team behind the study and Prostatype Genomics decided to cancel the previously planned presentation of the interim results at the European EAU conference in the spring of 2024. Representatives from the scientific research team and the company will however still participate at the EAU conference, which is a leading platform for European scientific researchers and urologists focusing on prostate cancer.

An interview with Pontus Röbeck about the Uppsala study will be published in the company’s upcoming newsletter, which is planned to be published in late February.

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About Prostatype Genomics AB
Prostatype® is a genetic test that is available to patients and treating urologists as a complementary decision basis for the question of treatment or non-treatment of prostate cancer. The test was developed by a research group at Karolinska Institutet and is provided by Prostatype Genomics AB.