Non-regulatory press release

Prostatype Genomics: Aktiespararna sees large upside for the share in research report with target price 0.12 SEK per share

Prostatype Genomics (”Prostatype Genomics” or ”the Company”) announces that Aktiespararna has published a research report in which the target price for the Company is set at 0.12 SEK per share, and thus sees "a large upside compared to today's levels".

In the research report, the global addressable market for the gene test Prostatype® is estimated at 5.8 billion SEK annually, of which the United States is estimated to make up approximately 65 percent (3.8 billion SEK). Prostatype Genomics expects Prostatype® to be approved for reimbursement by Medicare in the United States in Q4 2024, which would represent a key milestone for the Company, and the research report assumes that the main sales revenue is expected to come from this market.

A summary of the research report can be read on Aktiespararna's website:

The complete research report can be read directly via this link: