Non-regulatory press release

Important information regarding the market capitalization value of Prostatype Genomics AB (publ) on certain financial websites


Prostatype Genomics AB (the "Company") regrettably informs that some financial websites providing information services on share data and other company information, such as Avanza, Nordnet and Dagens Industri, includes the Company's ongoing rights issue in their valuation as if it was already fully subscribed and also at the current share price. This gives of course an inaccurate picture of the Company's true value.

The situation is reportedly a "standard procedure” but means that the Company's value before the outcome of the rights issue is closed, is misleading. This mechanics is unfortunate, but completely beyond the control of the Company.

For the current valuation ("pre-money"), the Company proposes current and potential new shareholders to exclude the 1,194,600,070 potential new shares from the ongoing rights issue from the values presented, for example, on financial sites such as Dagens Industri, Avanza and Nordnet.

For example, if the valuation of the Company on, for example, Avanza, Nordnet and Dagens Industri is stated to SEK 80 million, this value should be reduced by SEK 71.8 million, which in the example gives a current market value of SEK 8.2 million. This should put the investment opportunity in Prostatype Genomics in a different light.

For avoidance of doubt – The company's registered number of shares is 119,460,007 and the possible number of shares in the event of a fully subscribed rights issue could be 1,314,060,077. The subscription price in the ongoing rights issue is SEK 0.40 per unit. Each unit contains of 10 shares at SEK 0.04 and 4 warrants free of charge.

Information about the ongoing share issue has been communicated in previous press releases and is also available on the Company's website

We are sorry that this situation has occured, which is completely beyond the Company's own control.

For further information, please contact the Company via email or by phone +46 8 20 87 00.